A Celebrity’s STRANGE Accusation About Her Mental Health Struggles, You’ll Be Surprised To Know

Kathy Griffin recently announced she has been diagnosed with complex PTSD and suggested that former President Donald Trump played a part in her condition.

Her announcement reminds us of the hypocrisy of the left, who claim to be the party of tolerance but have shown nothing but intolerance and hate towards Trump and his supporters. Griffin’s actions were dangerous and distasteful and could have incited violence against the former president.

Despite this, the left still embraced her. It’s time for Republicans to demand accountability from the left and hold them responsible for their actions.


The left’s hypocrisy is exposed by their tolerance of Kathy Griffin’s violent rhetoric.
Griffin’s actions could have incited violence against former President Trump.
The left tries to play the victim while justifying their reprehensible behavior.
Republicans need to speak out against this behavior and demand accountability from the left.
The left cannot continue to use its platform to spread hate and incite violence.

Kathy Griffin’s announcement of her PTSD diagnosis is a classic example of the left’s victim mentality. It is sad that she is trying to gain sympathy by blaming former President Trump for her condition. Griffin should take responsibility for her own actions instead of playing the victim.

It is high time for the left to be held accountable for their actions. Their hypocrisy, intolerance, and hate must be exposed, and the public must be made aware of their double standards. Republicans must speak out against this behavior and ensure that the left is held accountable.

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