A Game-Changing Revelation About The 2024 Senate Election, That You Need To See

The news that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) will not be challenging Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand for her seat in the 2024 elections has been met with mixed reactions.

While some progressives were hoping for a primary challenge from the left, many Democrats are relieved that there won’t be a divisive fight for the deep-blue state’s Senate seat.

AOC’s spokesperson, Lauren Hitt, told Politico that the representative is “not planning” on running for Senate in 2024 and will not be primarying Gillibrand.

This announcement also means that no prominent challenger has emerged to take on Gillibrand, who announced her re-election bid earlier this year.

While AOC has been a leading voice for the progressive movement since she first came to Congress, her decision to stay in the House of Representatives is a wise move. By remaining in the House, she can continue to build her profile and influence and work to advance the progressive agenda she has championed.

In the meantime, AOC remains one of the most recognizable members of the House and has $5 million on hand to spend on future campaigns.

This puts her in a strong position to continue fighting for the causes she believes in and to build a movement that can bring real change to America.

While some may be disappointed that AOC won’t be taking on the establishment in the Senate, her decision to stay in the House is a positive development for the progressive movement.

By continuing to fight for change from within Congress, AOC can be a powerful force for good in America.

Source Fox News