A Hidden Record, You Won’t Believe Who’s Not Disclosing

President Joe Biden’s visitor logs for his Delaware homes continue to be shielded from public scrutiny. The U.S. Secret Service has refused to release the emails that would reveal the identities of visitors, claiming that they are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). This lack of transparency is deeply concerning and raises questions about what the Biden administration is trying to hide.

Earlier this year, amidst a scandal involving potentially illegal possession of classified documents, the Secret Service stated that they were “gathering” information on the visitors to Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware. However, when Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson requested the visitor logs, the agency only responded by evaluating the letter and gathering information without any definitive action.

This lack of transparency is a disservice to the American people. The public deserves to know who is visiting the president’s private residences and potentially influencing his decisions.

The mounting evidence of a family influence-peddling scheme cannot be ignored. Text messages, emails, voicemails, visitor logs, and on-the-record accounts all point to the need for a thorough investigation.

Republicans have been calling for the appointment of a special counsel to delve into these allegations and ensure the truth comes to light. Yet, their demands for transparency have been met with silence and resistance from the Biden administration. This double standard is alarming.

Transparency is a cornerstone of a functioning democracy. It is through transparency that trust is built between the government and its citizens.

The refusal to release the visitor logs raises concerns about what the Biden administration is trying to hide. It undermines the public’s trust and fuels speculation about potential wrongdoing.

The American people have a right to know who has access to the president’s private residences and how their visits may be influencing decision-making.

It is not enough to claim that visitor logs are not maintained for protected residences. The Secret Service must be held accountable for its lack of transparency and provide a clear and comprehensive account of who has visited President Biden’s Delaware homes.

As Republicans, we must continue to demand transparency and accountability from our leaders. The American people deserve nothing less. It is through transparency that we can ensure a government that is truly representative of its citizens’ interests.

Source conservativebrief