A Surprising Critic of Biden’s Decision to Skip the Royal Event, You Won’t Believe This

President Biden’s decision to decline the U.K.’s invitation to attend King Charles III’s coronation this weekend is another example of his weak leadership and lack of respect for our closest allies. Despite the fact that no sitting U.S. president has ever attended the coronation of a British monarch, it’s clear that Biden’s lack of attendance is unacceptable.

Biden’s policies have been seen as weak and not in the best interest of America. He has shown that he is more interested in appeasing other countries than standing up for our own. This is not what we need in a leader.

It’s important that we have a president who will represent us proudly and show our allies the respect they deserve. We need someone who will uphold American values and make us proud on the world stage. It’s time for a change in leadership, and it’s time for us to demand better from our elected officials.

Let’s make our voices heard and show our support for strong leadership that puts America first. It’s time to restore the pride and respect that our country deserves.

source Fox News