A Surprising MAYORAL Rebuke for President Biden, You Need To See This

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has criticized President Joe Biden’s policies on immigration, saying they are causing a crisis that is hurting the city. Speaking at an event hosted by the African American Mayors Association, Adams lamented the city’s “sanctuary city” policies that turn a blind eye to illegal immigration.

Adams went on to say that the crisis is causing financial problems for the city and hurting its ability to function as a whole. He accused Democrats in the city of not doing enough to fight for resources to combat the issue.

Last month, lawmakers in the House began moving toward impeaching Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for his refusal to effectively deal with the issue. Republicans have been particularly critical of Biden’s policies, arguing that they have caused a dramatic increase in the cross-border smuggling of deadly fentanyl and other drugs.

It remains to be seen whether Democrats will take any action to address the crisis, but with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle increasingly concerned, it is clear that the issue will continue to be a major point of contention in the coming months.

source https://conservativebrief.com/nyc-mayor-72750/