A Surprising Player in the Defense Spending Drama, You’ll Be Shocked To Know

President Joe Biden’s recent debt deal with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has ignited a fierce backlash from Republicans, specifically concerning defense spending. The controversy surrounding the deal has deepened the already significant divide between the two parties.

Biden’s nonchalant response to Republican criticism during his departure for Delaware further fueled the fire. He brushed off their concerns, stating that his defense budget had already been approved, and if additional funding was necessary, bipartisan agreement would be reached.

This dismissive attitude did not sit well with Republicans, especially Senator Lindsey Graham, who took to Twitter to express his determination to “undo this catastrophe for defense.” Graham’s sentiment was echoed by many Republicans who argue that compromising national security is a grave mistake.

The debt deal, finalized by Biden and McCarthy, includes a 3% increase in defense spending for the next year, which falls short of the current inflation rate. Nondefense spending will remain relatively flat, with a minor increase in subsequent years. Additionally, the deal provides for a 2-year debt-limit increase.

As the House Rules Committee gears up for the debate, Republican Representative Rosendale has voiced his strong opposition to the $4 trillion debt deal, emphasizing that it insults the American people.

The upcoming debates and votes on the debt ceiling bill will serve as a battleground for Republicans, who are determined to safeguard the nation’s defense capabilities. The divide between the parties is palpable, with Republicans rallying against what they perceive as a failure to prioritize national security.

Source Fox News