American Perspectives on a Controversial Presidency, Don’t Miss This Eye-Opening Revelation

As the US economy faces high inflation rates and rising crime rates, President Biden’s approval ratings continue to drop. According to a recent survey by the Associated Press/NORC Center, Biden’s approval rating has sunk from 45% to 38%, with only 31% of respondents approving of his handling of the economy.

Many Americans are unhappy with Biden’s policies and believe that he is mismanaging the country. One Ohio resident gave him an F and said, “As a country, we’re just getting farther in debt, and he’s just not helping out the situation.”

Another resident from Tennessee also gave him an F, saying that “everything he touches goes wrong.”

However, there are some Americans who still support Biden and believe that he is doing his best in a difficult situation. A Delaware resident gave him an A, saying, “He inherited a terrible situation. He’s weaved through it quite well.”

A D.C. resident also gave him a B-minus, praising his efforts to limit inflation and invest in infrastructure.

Despite the differing opinions, it’s clear that Biden’s approval ratings have taken a hit due to the economic and social issues plaguing the US. As the 2024 presidential election looms closer, it will be interesting to see how these ratings affect Biden’s chances of re-election.