Another Attempt To Preserve Fossil Fuels, You’ll Never Guess Who

In an alarming move by the Biden administration, power plants in West Virginia are facing the threat of shutdown due to new regulations imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). However, Republican lawmakers in the state are not sitting idly by. Sen. Shelley Capito and Rep. Carol Miller have joined forces to combat these regulations and protect the energy industry in West Virginia.

The proposed regulations aim to curb power sector emissions by closing down coal and natural gas-fired power plants. To achieve their emission reduction goals, the EPA is forcing power plants to adopt costly carbon capture technology or face closure. This heavy-handed approach ignores the devastating consequences it would have on workers and families in energy-producing communities.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Capito and Miller have introduced the Protect Our Power Plants Act. This legislation seeks to prohibit the EPA from implementing the proposed rule on new source performance standards for certain stationary sources. By doing so, they aim to protect American jobs and prevent the unnecessary increase in energy costs that would burden millions of Americans.

Capito, as the ranking member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, has been a vocal critic of the Biden administration’s Clean Power Plan 2.0. She emphasizes that the plan ignores the Supreme Court’s ruling in West Virginia v. EPA and jeopardizes the livelihoods of hardworking Americans. Capito is committed to maintaining America’s position as a leading global energy producer and ensuring the protection of energy-producing communities.

Miller shares Capito’s concerns about the EPA’s assault on power plants across the country. She strongly criticizes the Biden administration and Washington Democrats for prioritizing their Green New Deal agenda over the well-being of American workers. Miller firmly believes that West Virginia must remain an energy dominant state, and she refuses to let the EPA’s spineless and absurd rule destroy that goal.

The Protect Our Power Plants Act is a crucial step in preserving West Virginia’s energy industry and safeguarding American energy production. It serves as a much-needed check on the radical environmental policies pushed by the Biden administration and ensures that the EPA does not overstep its authority.

It is imperative for Republicans to stand united behind Capito and Miller in their fight against the Biden administration’s assault on West Virginia’s power plants. By doing so, we can protect American jobs, prevent higher energy costs, and defend our nation’s energy independence.

Source Fox News