Another Biden BLUNDER, Guess Who just gave a dire WARNING about the future

President Biden issued a dire warning about the future of our planet in a recent interview on “The Daily Show.” The President emphasized how climate change poses a severe threat to our very existence, and how the youth have been instrumental in bringing attention to the issue.

Biden highlighted how young people have shown up to vote in the last two elections, motivated by concerns about the environment. This concern, coupled with the President’s belief that “Mother Nature” is angry with humanity’s treatment of the earth, has convinced him to act on climate change.

The President stated that extreme weather and forest fires have been more prevalent since he took office, making it harder to deny the impact of climate change. He warned that the younger generations will have no future to look forward to if we don’t act on climate change.

Biden emphasized the need to keep the temperature from going above 1.5 degrees Celsius, saying that if we fail to do so, “that whole generation is damned.” He urged automakers to go electric as part of his climate change plan, and signed an executive order requiring half of all new auto sales in 2030 be electric vehicles.

Despite admitting that charging fossil fuel companies less to drill would provide greater energy security, a leaked memo from the Biden administration revealed that the White House still plans to raise royalty fees for an oil and gas lease sale off the coast of Alaska as part of Biden’s climate change agenda.

The President’s warning about climate change is one that Republicans should heed. The time for action on this critical issue is now, and we must work together to preserve our planet for future generations.

The Biden administration’s plan to move toward electric vehicles is a positive step, but we must do more to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and protect our environment. It’s time to put politics aside and work towards a sustainable future for all.