Another Biden BLUNDER, The Secrets You’ve Never Been Told!

The House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the Biden family’s alleged corruption has uncovered alarming evidence of financial misconduct. Over $10 million in foreign funds flowed through shell companies and LLCs linked to the Bidens, raising concerns about potential influence peddling.

Thousands of banking records and suspicious activity reports shed light on complex transactions designed to conceal illicit payments. The Bidens’ involvement in shady deals dates back to Joe Biden’s vice presidency, with ties to countries over which he had significant influence.

Revelations of financial connections with China further raise questions about Biden’s handling of crucial issues. If proven true, these actions could constitute bribery, fraud, and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.


  1. The evidence reveals a web of corruption: The intricate flow of funds through shell companies and multiple accounts points to a deliberate effort to conceal illegal activities.
  2. Biden’s involvement extends to his vice presidency: Wire transfers occurred during Biden’s tenure, suggesting a link between his policy decisions and foreign money sources.
  3. The China connection raises concerns: Financial ties to Beijing operatives connected to the Chinese Communist Party raise questions about Biden’s stance on China-related issues and protection of American interests.
  4. Potential criminality and constitutional implications: If proven true, the Bidens’ actions could constitute a range of crimes, including bribery, fraud, and potentially impeachable offenses.
  5. Failure to register as a foreign agent: Hunter Biden’s failure to comply with the Foreign Agents Registration Act highlights the potential illegality of his transactions.

The evidence of corruption within the Biden family is deeply troubling and demands a thorough investigation. If proven true, these actions would not only undermine the integrity of our government but also jeopardize our national security.

The American people deserve transparency and accountability from their leaders, regardless of political affiliation. It is crucial for the House Oversight Committee to continue its diligent work in uncovering the truth and pursuing justice.

As Republicans, we must stand united in demanding answers and ensuring that those who betray our nation’s trust are held accountable. Our democracy depends on it.

Source Fox News