Another bombshell: Biden’s lies about his involvement in Hunter’s business.

In an explosive interview with Fox News Digital, Republican Representative Darrell Issa from California didn’t hold back in his scathing critique of President Joe Biden and his alleged involvement in his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Issa accused Biden of lying and criticized the White House Counsel’s office for providing a shield to protect against answering questions about the matter.

The scrutiny intensified when the House Ways and Means Committee released testimony from two IRS whistleblowers who alleged political influence in the Justice Department’s investigation into Hunter Biden. These whistleblowers claimed that the probe was deliberately slowed down and that questioning about Joe Biden and his involvement was blocked.

The controversy deepened when White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced questions regarding the president’s involvement in his son’s business dealings. Jean-Pierre promptly redirected these inquiries to the White House Counsel’s office, igniting speculation and raising eyebrows.

Representative Issa didn’t mince his words, stating, “When the White House spokesperson gets caught in what turns out to be untrue, lawyering up becomes the standard.” He went on to highlight the president’s changing narrative, emphasizing the stark difference between the previous claims of no business communications with Hunter Biden and the recent assertion that the president was “never in business” with his son. This change in stance strongly suggests that previous denials were untrue.

The mounting evidence, including emails, messages, and alleged conversations involving President Biden, has further fueled doubts about his relationship with his son’s business ventures. Representative Issa believes that the White House Counsel’s office is intentionally evading questions and providing a shield to obstruct transparency.

Issa concluded that “the president has lied,” accusing him of falsehoods regarding his involvement in Hunter Biden’s lucrative business dealings. The allegations of initially tax-free millions of dollars being funneled to Hunter Biden only serve to deepen the controversy surrounding the president.

In response to these accusations, the White House Counsel’s Office maintained that “the President was never in business with his son.” However, the public remains skeptical, especially in light of recent revelations.

These explosive allegations and the ensuing investigations into Hunter Biden’s business dealings have cast a dark shadow on the Biden administration. The American people deserve answers, and it is imperative that the truth comes to light. Only then can trust be restored, and the country can move forward with confidence.

Source Fox News