Another Controversial Decision Impacting Your Hunting Rights

In a clear demonstration of its anti-hunting agenda, the Biden administration has announced new restrictions on hunters’ equipment, disregarding the passionate voices of sportsmen across the nation.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) unveiled its hunting and fishing rule for the upcoming season, which includes a ban on cost-effective lead ammunition and fishing tackle in eight national wildlife refuges by 2026. While this move has been lauded by radical environmental groups, it has left hunters feeling betrayed and deeply concerned about the future of their cherished traditions.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Senior Vice President, Lawrence Keane, condemned this action as yet another example of the Fish and Wildlife Service’s disregard for the well-being of hunters and its failure to provide scientific evidence to support its decisions.

Keane rightly pointed out that the Biden administration is turning a blind eye to its promise to “follow the science,” as there is no sound proof that traditional lead ammunition poses a significant threat to wildlife populations.

Under the proposed FWS rule, sportsmen will be stripped of their right to use lead ammunition or tackle in eight federally managed refuges. This heavy-handed restriction is set to take effect from September 1, 2026, leaving hunters with limited options and impacting their ability to enjoy their beloved pastime.

Despite the FWS’s claims of basing this rule on the “best available science,” there is skepticism among hunters and conservationists alike. The agency’s previous hunting and fishing rule, implemented in 2022, only banned lead ammunition in one national wildlife refuge. So why the sudden drastic expansion?

Benjamin Cassidy, executive vice president for international government and public affairs at Safari Club International, criticized the Biden administration’s attempt to take credit for expanding hunting and fishing access while simultaneously undermining these activities through ammunition and tackle bans.

Cassidy rightly argued that these restrictions impose substantial financial burdens on sportsmen, limiting their access to public lands for hunting and fishing.

This move by the Biden administration is not without controversy. The Center for Biological Diversity, a well-funded environmental group, previously sued the federal government over a Trump administration rule that expanded hunting and fishing on millions of acres across numerous wildlife refuges and national fish hatcheries.

Rather than defending the rule, the Biden administration caved and entered into a settlement that promised to protect wildlife from “expanded hunting and fishing.” Now, they are making good on that promise by implementing these restrictive regulations.

It is imperative for Congress to take action and protect the rights of hunters and anglers. The Protecting Access for Hunters and Anglers Act, introduced by Senator Steve Daines and supported by 22 fellow Republicans, aims to prevent the FWS, Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management from banning lead ammunition or tackle without solid scientific backing.

This legislation will ensure that decisions affecting hunters’ access to public lands are based on facts, not political agendas.

The Biden administration’s attack on hunters is a direct assault on the traditions and values held dear by millions of Americans. It is high time for Republicans to stand up for the rights of sportsmen and women and defend their ability to enjoy the great outdoors without unnecessary and baseless restrictions.

Source Fox News