Another Controversial Decision, You’ll Never GUESS Who’s Behind It

As we listen to President Joe Biden’s re-election announcement, it’s important to consider the state of our country under his leadership. Unfortunately, what we’re seeing is corruption, incompetence, and coercion.

Corruption is rampant in the Biden administration, with the media and Department of Justice protecting Hunter Biden and his shady dealings with foreign billionaires and governments.

It’s clear that the Biden family has a long history of influence peddling, and President Biden himself may be one of the most corrupt presidents in American history.

And it’s not just the Bidens – Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s ties to Chinese communists and his role in lying about Hunter Biden’s laptop show just how deep the corruption runs.

Incompetence is also a hallmark of the Biden administration. From Vice President Kamala Harris’s lack of knowledge and experience to the disastrous inflation and weakening economy, the Biden team can’t seem to get anything right. The border remains open, criminals are released from jail, and failing schools are defended by the teachers’ unions.

Transportation is also in chaos under Biden, with train wrecks and air travel system shutdowns happening on his watch. Infrastructure projects are bogged down in unnecessary regulations and union work rules, making life in Democrat-run cities unaffordable.