Another Damning Testimony From Inside The Room

In an exclusive report on Fox News, new revelations have emerged regarding Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and his alleged use of then-Vice President Joe Biden’s name for “”defensive leverage”” and as a valuable asset in pitching and securing lucrative ventures.

According to Devon Archer, who testified before the House Oversight Committee, Hunter Biden strategically utilized his father’s powerful name to add value to his business endeavors. Archer clarified that while Hunter wouldn’t explicitly say, “”we’re going to use my dad for this,”” he would use the Biden name to gain leverage and attract business partners.

The brand power of the Biden name played a significant role in these deals. Archer explained that the theoretical aspect was corporate governance, but the brand’s association with Joe Biden was a key component of its value. The duo would emphasize having a unique understanding of D.C., which they believed positively reflected on their business terms.

Archer disclosed that Hunter Biden put then-Vice President Joe Biden on speakerphone during meetings with business partners around 20 times to sell “”the brand.”” The Biden name, according to Archer, brought immense value and distinction, making it a powerful tool for attracting foreign investments.

As part of his business ties, Hunter Biden served on the board of Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings alongside Archer, receiving a substantial monthly payment for his work. Archer revealed that the “”brand”” of Joe Biden was used to gain access and open doors for Burisma, contributing to the firm’s success and survival.

Despite President Biden and the White House’s denials of any involvement in Hunter’s business affairs, Archer’s testimony paints a different picture. Joe Biden allegedly attended dinners with Hunter’s foreign business associates, raising questions about the extent of his awareness and involvement in these ventures.

Furthermore, there are allegations that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden “”coerced”” Burisma’s CEO to pay them millions in exchange for their help in getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. These claims have been subject to intense scrutiny and are likely to continue to be a contentious issue.

The revelations from Devon Archer’s testimony add fuel to the ongoing discussions surrounding the Biden family’s foreign business dealings. Critics argue that such dealings raise concerns of influence peddling and conflicts of interest, while supporters maintain that they are part of a broader disinformation campaign.

As more information surfaces, it remains to be seen how these revelations will impact public opinion and political discourse. The House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the Biden family’s foreign business schemes will undoubtedly draw significant attention, and both sides will fiercely debate the implications of Archer’s testimony.

Source Fox News