Another Democratic Roadblock, You’ll Never GUESS Who’s Responsible

Calls for Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s resignation have grown in recent weeks due to her extended absence from the Senate. While the California Democrat has been hospitalized for shingles, some Democrats and activists have criticized her for staying in office despite her age and are calling for her to retire.

These calls have intensified as her absence has hampered Democrats’ ability to confirm judges on the Judiciary Committee, leading some to call for her resignation.

While concerns about Feinstein’s age and ability to continue serving as a senator are valid calls for her resignation risk a backlash from some Democrats and the senator’s supporters.

Feinstein is a respected figure in the Democratic Party and has been a stalwart on the Judiciary Committee for years. Her resignation would also create a vacancy in the Senate, which would need to be filled by California’s governor.

This could lead to a contentious appointment process, and there is no guarantee that the new senator would be a Democrat or a Progressive.

Moreover, calls for Feinstein’s resignation play into the hands of Republicans who are already accusing Democrats of trying to pack the courts with ideologically aligned judges.

Republicans will likely use any perceived weakness in the Democratic Party to further their agenda and paint the party as out of touch with voters.

Instead of calling for Feinstein’s resignation, Democrats should focus on finding a way to fill critical judicial vacancies despite her absence. They should work to convince her to retire and plan for a smooth transition, rather than risking a divisive battle over her resignation.