Another Diplomatic Showdown, You’ll Never GUESS Who

China has expressed its outrage over the Biden administration’s plan to steer investment in artificial intelligence away from China and toward other countries, accusing the US of using economic coercion and sci-tech bullying to suppress China’s development.

The US is developing an executive order to prevent China from dominating AI and other technology-related investments, which could further raise tensions between the US and China.

China’s response to the US plan to redirect investment in AI highlights the growing tensions and competition between the two countries. The US must prioritize technological advancements and innovation, while also promoting democratic values and principles.

It is crucial to maintain a competitive edge and protect national security. Experts are concerned about China advancing an AI system that reflects the core values of the Communist Chinese Party, rather than a democratic AI standard. The US must take necessary measures to prevent China from using these investments to harm US interests.

Source Fox News