Another embarrassing moment for President Biden caught on tape.

President Biden once again found himself in the spotlight, but not for the right reasons. In a recent encounter with reporters outside the White House, Biden made an apparent gaffe when he claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently “losing the war in Iraq.” This statement, which seemed to come out of nowhere, raised eyebrows and garnered swift criticism from conservatives across social media platforms.

“It’s hard to tell, but he’s clearly losing the war in Iraq,” Biden stated when asked about Putin’s current standing in light of recent events in Russia. But let’s set the record straight: Putin has never been involved in a war in Iraq, and it’s unclear what prompted Biden’s confusing remark. It’s yet another instance of the president’s tendency to stumble through his speeches and make questionable statements.

Conservatives wasted no time in highlighting this latest gaffe and using it as evidence of Biden’s ongoing struggle with coherence and credibility. Abigail Marone, communications director for Senator Josh Hawley, tweeted, “And Biden is clearly losing his war with sanity.” The Senate Republicans Twitter account also chimed in, stating, “Joe Biden has totally lost the plot.”

This blunder didn’t occur in isolation either. Just the night before, at a fundraiser, Biden made another misstep by referring to the war in “Iraq” instead of Ukraine, failing to correct himself. It’s disconcerting to witness these repeated lapses in the president’s awareness and grasp of current events.

Critics argue that Biden’s frequent gaffes not only raise concerns about his mental acuity but also call into question his ability to effectively lead our nation. As the leader of the free world, he should be well-informed and articulate when addressing the American people and engaging with the international community. Unfortunately, these recent incidents further erode confidence in his leadership.

It remains to be seen how the White House will respond to this latest controversy. As of now, they have not provided any comment or clarification regarding Biden’s perplexing statement. This lack of accountability only fuels the criticism and leaves Americans wondering if there will ever be transparency from this administration.

In conclusion, President Biden’s recent gaffe claiming that Putin is losing the war in Iraq has sparked widespread criticism and concerns. Republicans and conservatives have rightfully pointed out that this statement is both factually incorrect and indicative of Biden’s ongoing struggle with coherent communication.

As citizens, we deserve a leader who can effectively articulate his thoughts and navigate the complexities of global affairs. It’s high time for the president to address these recurring issues and restore faith in his ability to lead our great nation.

Source Fox News