ANOTHER Example Of Biden Weakness, The GOP Response Won’t Surpise You

The recent kidnapping of four Americans in Mexico by the Gulf drug cartel has sparked fear among Republican voters, who are slamming President Biden’s immigration policies.

Republicans argue that Biden’s lack of enforcement at the border has emboldened the cartels, leading to increased violence and drug trafficking.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas stated that “the cartels couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime than Joe Biden—his weakness allows them to operate unchecked.”

Similarly, Republican Representative Matt Gaetz from Florida argued that “Mexico has become a captive narco state with compromised leaders, but even corrupt Mexican officials don’t enrich the cartels as much as President Biden does.”

Republican Senator Rick Scott from Florida, Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), said that “dictators, cartels, and bad guys around the world know that Biden is a weak appeaser with open border policies, and they’re absolutely taking advantage.”

Republican Senator Marco Rubio from Florida introduced legislation to ensure that individuals who pay cartels, smugglers, and coyotes face criminal charges for enriching criminals’ pockets.

Republicans are calling for stronger measures against the cartels and greater protection for Americans from drugs and violence. The recent events in Mexico have raised concerns among Republican voters about the safety of Americans at home and abroad.