Another scandal rocks the Biden family—details inside!

ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl has revealed that the criminal charges against Hunter Biden will undoubtedly be a “major issue” for Republicans to capitalize on during the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

The son of President Biden recently pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor tax violations and reached a pretrial diversion agreement for the felony gun registration charge.

Karl, appearing on “The View,” fielded questions from his ABC colleagues regarding the potential impact of Hunter Biden’s legal troubles on the next election. When asked if it would affect the Democratic nominee, who is likely to be President Biden, Karl responded with a resounding “I think it will.”

He went on to emphasize that this issue would particularly resonate if the Republican nominee turns out to be Donald Trump. “They will now point to Hunter Biden as being somebody with a criminal record. And they will insist that the Biden Justice Department gave him simply a slap on the wrist while he deserved much more,” Karl explained.

The significance of the Hunter Biden case as a campaign focal point was further underscored by Karl’s observation that the GOP criticism of a two-tier system of justice under the Biden DOJ is not entirely unfounded.

He noted that despite President Biden claiming his son did nothing wrong, the plea agreement and guilty pleas clearly indicate otherwise. Republicans argue that the investigation did not thoroughly examine the broader issues.

Karl acknowledged that the matter would persist since Republican lawmakers continue to probe into the finances of the Biden family. While he acknowledged that no concrete evidence has been found to support the allegations of illegal financial dealings, Republicans remain committed to their investigations and allegations against the so-called “Biden Crime Family.”

Amidst the scrutiny, it is essential to acknowledge that Hunter Biden is not without his own share of concerns. Karl pointed to the peculiar extravagant diamond gift he received from a Chinese business associate, a fact that raises eyebrows and warrants further attention.

In conclusion, the legal troubles surrounding Hunter Biden pose a significant issue for Republicans, and they are determined to make it a central campaign theme in the 2024 election.

While some may label Republican criticism as hypocrisy, the fundamental concerns surrounding Hunter Biden cannot be ignored. As the election draws near, it is clear that this issue will continue to dominate the political landscape and shape the Republican narrative.

Source Fox News