Another twist in the Trump saga. You won’t believe who said this!

Former Attorney General Eric Holder is at it again, inserting himself into the political arena to protect his fellow Democrats. In a recent interview, Holder shared his opinion on whether President Biden or the future 2024 winner should pardon former President Donald Trump if he is convicted of federal charges.

Unsurprisingly, Holder urged them to stay out of it and let the system work. But let’s take a closer look at Holder’s comments and see through the veil of his hypocrisy.

Holder, who served as AG under the Obama administration, stated that the next attorney general should “let the system do its work” and treat a convicted president like any other person. It’s ironic coming from a man who oversaw one of the most politically biased Department of Justices in recent history.

We all remember the Fast and Furious scandal, where Holder’s DOJ allowed firearms to fall into the hands of dangerous criminals. And let’s not forget his role in the IRS targeting conservative groups, an egregious abuse of power that stifled free speech.

Now, Holder wants us to believe that he supports pardons for those who show remorse and turn their lives around. But where was this sentiment when he was in power? Holder’s DOJ went after conservative activists, journalists, and even whistleblowers with a vengeance. They used the full force of the government to punish those who dared to challenge the Obama administration’s narrative.

Holder’s comments are just another attempt by the left to undermine Trump and his supporters. They know that if Trump is convicted, it would be a blow to the Republican Party and the millions of Americans who voted for him. The Democrats are desperate to erase Trump’s legacy and silence his movement.

But the American people won’t be fooled by Holder’s empty words. They see through the hypocrisy and double standards of the left. They know that justice should be blind and applied equally to everyone, regardless of their political affiliation. So let’s hope that the next attorney general truly lets the system work and doesn’t succumb to the pressure from partisan operatives like Holder.

In the end, Holder’s comments are just another example of the deep-seated bias within the Democratic Party. They are willing to manipulate the justice system for political gain and disregard the principles of fairness and equal treatment. It’s time for the American people to stand up against this hypocrisy and demand accountability from our leaders.

Source Fox News