Another Unforeseen Situation Unfolds, You’ll Never Guess Who Is Involved

The ongoing border crisis under President Joe Biden’s administration has become a cause for concern among Americans nationwide. As we delve into the issue, it’s essential to shed light on the impact of this crisis and the urgent need for action.

Picture this: along the United States-Mexico border, there are over 22,000 illegal immigrants just a stone’s throw away. This surge can be directly attributed to President Biden’s policies that have created an open invitation for those seeking to enter the country unlawfully.

The consequences of this crisis are heart-wrenching. Lives are at stake, with fatalities occurring during dangerous illegal crossings. Women and children face unimaginable horrors, such as sexual abuse and brutal conditions. Additionally, the rise in drug overdose victims further underscores the severity of the situation.

It’s time for President Biden to take responsibility and acknowledge the failures of his policies. The reinstatement of catch and release, halting border wall construction, and ending the Remain in Mexico policy have only served to worsen the crisis. These decisions undermine the rule of law and put undue strain on border states, like Texas, that bear the brunt of the burden.

As the expiration of Title 42 looms, we face an impending surge that will overwhelm our immigration system. This public health order has provided a crucial line of defense against illegal immigration, and its removal will only exacerbate the crisis. President Biden must act decisively to prevent this impending catastrophe.

Source Fox News