Biden Lashes Out at Reporters And You’ll Be SHOCKED AT What He Said

US President Joe Biden has finally addressed the issue of the three “objects” that were shot down by the US military over the weekend. While his delay in commenting on the matter has drawn criticism, his response has also been met with skepticism.

Biden said that the US still doesn’t have much information about the objects and that they could be related to private companies, research, or weather balloons. He also emphasized the need to develop better policies for detecting and dealing with such objects in the future, as well as global laws on the subject.

However, some have raised concerns that the lack of existing policies and rules regarding these objects shows a weakness in the US government’s preparedness for such situations. In addition, Biden’s response has been criticized for not directly addressing China’s involvement in the incident.

Biden’s comments were also met with questions from reporters, including one about his family’s business connections to China. While Biden declined to answer that question, he did become snippy with reporters, leading to further criticism of his handling of the situation.

Overall, while Biden’s response to the incident has addressed some of the concerns raised by the public, it has also raised questions about the US government’s preparedness for such situations and its willingness to confront China on sensitive issues.