Biden’s Administration Refuses Accountability, That Will Leave You Infuriated

The White House is getting a lot of criticism for the way it handled the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. During a press conference, reporters were stunned by the lack of accountability from the Biden administration and its tendency to blame former President Trump for everything.

During the press conference, reporters asked why there was no accountability or admission of mistakes by President Biden or anyone else in the administration.

The report on the Afghanistan withdrawal put the blame on the previous administration. The administration was accused of placing the blame on the previous administration and not taking responsibility for the botched evacuation.

Reporters were not satisfied with National Security Council spokesman John Kirby’s answers. They asked for more specific details on how the Trump administration was responsible for the disorganized and chaotic process of evacuation and determining who gets to board these evacuation flights.

Kirby refused to speak beyond what the report said, leading reporters to be more skeptical of the administration’s handling of the situation.