Biden’s New Census Question That Could Change Everything, This Will Crack You Up

The Biden administration is reportedly considering asking Black Americans about their slave ancestry in the next government census. The Wall Street Journal reports that this could help decipher how many Black Americans descended from slavery versus those who immigrated or have lived here since slavery was present in the US in the 1800s.

While some advocates have praised this potential change, others question the need for more divisions among our people. One in five Black people in the US are immigrants or their children, according to a nonpartisan analysis. Additionally, the San Francisco reparations panel recently called for every black slave descendant to receive $5 million in reparations, sparking controversy and debate.

As Americans, we must stand together against policies that seek to divide us. The left’s obsession with reparations and virtue signaling only serves to further divide our nation. Let’s reject this potential census change and work towards unity and progress.