Biden’s SNAPS At Reporter, You’ll Easily Guess WHY

The recent events surrounding President Biden and his family’s business relationships in China have raised concerns and questions about the President’s potential compromise.

During a briefing on the shootdown of a Chinese spy balloon and other flying objects, a reporter asked Biden about his family’s business relationships in China, to which he responded defensively and dismissively.

Hunter Biden, the President’s son, had boasted about having a good relationship with former President Obama’s ambassador to China, Max Baucus. Hunter’s business associates had arranged several meetings with Baucus, raising suspicions about the Biden family’s business dealings in China.

The Biden family’s connections to BHR Partners, a Beijing-backed private equity firm controlled by Bank of China Limited, also raise concerns about potential compromises.

In addition, Hunter’s business deals with Harves Group, a CCP-tied company based in Washington, D.C., and his relationship with the company’s president, Francis “Fran” Person, are under investigation by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform.

These dealings with China raise questions about the potential implications of such relationships. China is not an ally of the United States, and having a compromised President could potentially harm national security interests.

However, instead of addressing these concerns head-on, President Biden has dismissed them and even claimed that his son’s laptop, which allegedly contains incriminating evidence, is “Russian Disinformation.” However, Hunter Biden himself has admitted that the laptop is indeed his.

It is essential that these concerns are investigated thoroughly and transparently without bias or political favoritism. The country needs a leader who will put America’s interests first and not be beholden to foreign interests.

As a concerned citizen, it is vital to demand accountability and transparency from our leaders. We must unite as a country and demand that the truth about the Biden family’s business dealings in China is uncovered. The future of the country depends on the actions that we take today.