Biden’s Twitter Attack Backfires, You WON’T Believe What Biden Did This Time

Another day, another falsehood from Joe Biden. This time, he claimed that American billionaires pay just 3% in taxes, a statement that couldn’t be further from the truth.

As usual, the mainstream media has failed to call him out, but we won’t let this slide.

Here are the facts: the White House’s own figures from February show that billionaires pay an average tax rate of 8%.

And if we factor in unrealized gains, which is a potential profit on an unsold asset, the rate would go way down.

So where did Biden get his 3% figure from? Nobody knows, but we do know that it contradicts figures the White House has issued in the past.

As usual, Twitter CEO Elon Musk was quick to debunk Biden’s claim, stating that he paid 53% in taxes on his Tesla stock options and more income tax than anyone ever in the history of Earth for 2021.

It’s clear that Biden’s obsession with raising taxes on the rich is not based on facts, but rather on his socialist agenda.

We need to stand up against these lies and fight for policies that promote economic growth and prosperity for all Americans, not just a few in power.