BOMBSHELL: Dem Strategists Stand by Biden Despite Silence on Hawaii Fire – Their Reasoning Will Leave You SPEECHLESS

In recent days, President Biden’s silence on the devastating Hawaii fire has left many Americans puzzled and outraged. Democrats are doing their best to shield him from criticism, even going so far as to say that his words “”don’t matter.”” But is this the behavior we expect from a “”nice person””?

As the inferno rages in Hawaii, causing untold damage and hardship to the citizens of the Aloha State, President Biden’s lack of comment stands as a testament to the disconnect between his administration and the concerns of everyday Americans. While his Democratic strategists insist he’s a nice person, his silence speaks volumes about his priorities.

Leadership demands empathy, communication, and action. Yet, as Hawaii burns, the President seems more interested in pushing his agenda than in addressing the suffering of the people he swore to protect.

The claim that his words “”don’t matter”” is not only dismissive but also undermines the vital role that a President should play in times of crisis. Our nation’s leader should be a source of comfort, assurance, and action.

President Biden’s absence from this tragic event shows a lack of understanding and compassion, qualities that a true “”nice person”” would undoubtedly possess. It’s time for the administration to acknowledge its failure to address this disaster and to show the American people that they matter.

Source Fox News