Can You Believe who wants to ban “weapons of war” in civil society?

Vice President Kamala Harris set off a firestorm of criticism with a recent tweet calling for an assault weapons ban. In her tweet, she declared that “weapons of war have no place on the streets of a civil society” and urged Congress to pass the ban, with President Biden ready to sign it into law.

Critics from all corners were quick to respond to Harris’ remarks. Renowned radio host and author Dr. Mark Young took to Twitter, challenging the vice president: “Make you a deal, we will ban all the weapons that you can show are used on an actual battlefield. Which is not an AR15.”

The American Firearms Association didn’t hold back, mocking Harris and her stance: “laughs in bimbo Kamala Why did we leave $7 billion dollars in real weapons of war on the streets of Afghanistan? Because they aren’t civil!”

Patrick Parsons, executive vice president of the American Firearms Association, wasted no time in making his point, tweeting, “Because of your tweet, we’re heading out to buy some more this weekend, Kamala!”

The founding principles of this great republic were built on the idea of free people wielding weapons of war. Dana Loesch, a respected radio host and former NRA spokesperson, reminded Harris of this fact: “They literally made this society. You’ll ban nothing and Biden will sign nothing.”

As the debate raged on, many commentators brought up the historical significance of an armed citizenry in safeguarding against tyranny. Attorney Kostas Moros emphasized, “A civil society needs ‘weapons of war’ because tyrants have historically made societies quite uncivil.”

The Firearms Policy Coalition, a prominent gun advocacy group, echoed this sentiment, asserting, “Our natural right to self-defense will not be negotiated. Stack up or f— off.”

Critics also accused Harris of hypocrisy, pointing out that while she called for disarming citizens, she herself benefits from armed security personnel. Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky questioned Harris directly on Twitter, saying, “Your bodyguards and numerous ‘civil’ agencies possess the firearms you are calling weapons of war.”

National spokesman for the Ron DeSantis PAC, Steve Cortes, joined in, demanding an inventory of Harris’ security team’s weapons: “Why would they be entitled to such firearms, but not regular citizens? [S]hall not be infringed.”

Kamala Harris’ call for an assault weapons ban has ignited a passionate debate across the nation. As Republican voters, we must remain vigilant in protecting our Second Amendment rights and challenging politicians who seek to undermine them.

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Source Fox News