Can You Handle Biden’s JAW-DROPPING Revelation About the Border Wall?

Hey there, fellow freedom-lovers! You won’t believe what’s happening at our southern border. Some of our favorite Republican Senators, like Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, and Joni Ernst, have discovered that the Department of Defense (DoD) is spending a jaw-dropping $130,000 daily just to store border wall materials. Yep, you read that right!

These materials were bought under President Trump’s administration to help make our border strong and safe. But now, they’re just lying around in southern Arizona and New Mexico, while the Biden administration continues to mess up our border security.

Our Senators have written a letter to Assistant Secretary Dalton, asking for some answers. They want to know why the DoD is paying private landowners all this money for storage when they could be using the materials to make our border more secure.

Even the U.S Border Patrol Chief, Raul Ortiz, says we don’t have control over the entire border. So, let’s hope our Senators can get some answers and make sure the Biden administration starts using these resources to protect our great nation.