Changes That Caused a Stir in the Tech Firm’s Market Position, You’ll Be Shocked

Hey there, fellow patriots! We’ve got quite the story to uncover today – a tale of a grant gone wrong and the chaos that followed. Brace yourselves for a wild ride as we dive into the baffling world of energy technology and government decisions. Let’s break it down in a way that even a 12th grader can understand.

So, imagine this: there’s a company called Microvast, working on electric vehicle batteries – pretty cool, right? The Department of Energy, led by Jennifer Granholm, thought they were onto something great and decided to award them a whopping $200 million grant. Can you imagine how excited Microvast must have been? Their stock price shot up like a rocket – a 40% surge!

But hold on, the story doesn’t end there. Just as things were looking up, the Department of Energy pulled the plug on the grant. Yeah, you heard it right. One moment, they’re awarding the money, and the next, they’re taking it back. And guess what happened to Microvast’s stock price? It tanked! A 36% drop that left investors scratching their heads.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. Senator John Barrasso, a Republican warrior, wasn’t too pleased with this rollercoaster of events. He called out the federal government’s role in playing with a company’s stock price, and boy, he had a point. How can the government create such chaos in the market? It’s not just inappropriate – it’s downright unethical!

Barrasso demanded answers from Secretary Granholm. He wanted to know why the Department of Energy played with people’s money like a game of Monopoly. He’s all about transparency and accountability, and we couldn’t agree more.

But wait, there’s more. Turns out Microvast has some connections with China – a whopping 69% of their revenue comes from there! That’s a lot of Chinese influence, my friends. And we all know how we feel about relying on China, especially when it comes to our national security. It’s a red flag waving in front of our faces!

As we dig deeper into this mind-boggling situation, it’s clear that the Biden administration’s press releases were nothing but smoke and mirrors. Investors were misled, left in the dark by the Department of Energy. It’s time for some answers, some accountability, and some honesty.

So, fellow patriots, let’s stand together and demand the truth. Let’s hold our government accountable for its actions. It’s time for transparency, it’s time for clarity, and most importantly, it’s time to put America first.

Source  Fox News