Democrat House Members are FEDUP With BIDEN, The Reason Will Have You Applauding

In a recent development, President Joe Biden made a decision that has angered some members of the Democratic Party.

As reported by RedState, Biden stated that he would not veto a bi-partisan resolution that overrides a new Washington, D.C., crime bill that stirred controversy due to its updates to the criminal code, including lowering penalties for violent crimes like carjackings and armed robbery.

Even the far-left Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser vetoed it, before the more radical city council overrode her.

However, rather than applauding the President’s decision, 173 House Democrats voted against the common sense resolution to override the criminal code changes, and are very angry that they were betrayed. According to Fox News, Democratic lawmakers are using expletives while raging at Biden.

One anonymous congressman even gave an expletive-laden statement to The Hill via text message, saying “The White House f—ed this up royally…F—ING AMATEUR HOUR. HEADS SHOULD ROLL OVER AT THE WHITE HOUSE OVER THIS.” It’s surprising to see Democrats, who generally support Biden, react so strongly to his decision to not allow D.C. to become an even worse, crime-infested city.

It’s puzzling to see Democrats take such a stance, especially given the out-of-control crime problem in D.C. Is it that violent carjackers have been punished too harshly? That armed robbers have it too tough? Lowering the penalties for violent crimes can only worsen the crime problem in the city, and it’s hard to understand why anyone would support such a move.

Democrats who are outraged by Biden’s decision appear to be promoting anarchy and disregarding the safety of the citizens of D.C. It’s concerning that these lawmakers care more about social justice and reducing penalties for dangerous criminals than the well-being of their constituents. While it’s understandable that the President is trying to defuse the soft-on-crime talking point before the next election, it’s disappointing to see so many members of his party act in such a way.

In conclusion, while President Biden’s decision to not veto the resolution is a step in the right direction, it’s concerning that so many Democrats are not supportive of his decision. By prioritizing social justice over public safety, these lawmakers are risking the lives and well-being of the citizens they were elected to serve. It’s important to hold these lawmakers accountable and demand that they prioritize the safety and security of their constituents.