Democrats’ Weakness Puts National Security at Risk, Republicans Speak Out.

The Biden administration’s handling of China has once again come under fire from Republicans, who claim it shows weakness and a lack of leadership. On this week’s “Fox News Sunday,” Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) accused the president of allowing the United States to be humiliated by China.

In a fiery critique, Senator Cotton stated that the recent incident involving a Chinese spy balloon flying over the United States should have been shot down, instead of being allowed to complete its mission. He added that the Democrats’ inability to stand up to China is putting national security at risk.

Despite the president’s supporters trying to defend the situation by claiming it shows success with China, Senator Cotton believes it only highlights the Chinese Communist Party’s tendency to exploit Biden’s weakness and probe for weaknesses. He called it a series of humiliations inflicted on the United States, rather than a demonstration of strength.

The senator believes that it is imperative for Republicans and patriotic Americans to stand together and demand better leadership from the Democrats. He called on the president to stop playing political games and take the security of the country seriously.

In conclusion, Republicans are once again speaking out against the Democrats’ handling of China and the impact it is having on national security. They are calling for strong and decisive leadership to protect America’s status as a world superpower.