DeSantis Scrutinizes Disney’s Reedy Creek Ties, This News Will Have You Raising Eyebrows

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ call for a new investigation into Disney has sparked renewed tensions between the state and the entertainment giant.

The investigation is focused on the Reedy Creek Improvement District and its deal with Disney. This move comes after several months of heated disputes between the two entities.

DeSantis’ investigation will focus on whether Disney violated any laws or ethics in its dealings with the district, as well as the qualifications of board members. The Reedy Creek Improvement District will also be under scrutiny.

Disney and the state of Florida have been at odds for quite some time, with the state accusing the company of seeking special corporate benefits while ignoring the law.

In response, Disney has claimed that the state is overstepping its authority.

Critics have also pointed to Disney’s “woke” agenda as a potential reason for the governor’s continued targeting of the company.

The conflict between Disney and the state is likely to continue, with both sides entrenched in their positions. It remains to be seen what the investigation will uncover and what impact it will have on the ongoing dispute.