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It appears that Representative Lauren Boebert, a Republican from Colorado, attempted to introduce a privileged resolution in the House of Representatives to impeach President Biden. Privileged resolutions are given special priority in the legislative process and must be considered almost immediately.

Boebert was frustrated with what she perceived as a lack of action by House Republicans on issues such as the southern border and ethics concerns related to the President and his son, Hunter Biden. Boebert wanted to circumvent the usual committee process for impeachment and bring her resolution directly to the floor.

However, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy intervened to halt the snap impeachment attempt by Boebert. McCarthy, a Republican from California, met with Boebert and emphasized the importance of following a proper investigation before considering impeachment.

McCarthy crafted a special provision to handle Boebert’s resolution, ensuring that it would be sent to the Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees for investigation. This approach allowed Boebert’s resolution to stay alive while also protecting vulnerable Republican lawmakers from facing criticism for dismissing the impeachment effort.

Some Republicans were critical of Boebert’s approach, arguing that impeachment should be a tool of last resort and not used frivolously. They believed that going through the customary committee process and conducting a thorough investigation was necessary before considering impeachment.

Overall, while there is discussion among Congressional Republicans about the possibility of impeaching President Biden, it is important to note that impeachment is a rare and significant step that carries political consequences. The intervention by House Speaker McCarthy suggests that the Republican-led House of Representatives is not currently moving forward with an impeachment process against President Biden.

Source Fox News