Drama Unfolds On Capitol Hill, A Shocking Twist Awaits You

“In a passionate interview with the Daily Mail, Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma spoke out against the Biden administration’s neglect of religious liberty. As a former Christian minister and a staunch defender of faith, Lankford believes that the White House is failing to uphold the basic protections that our Constitution guarantees.

For Lankford, religious liberty extends far beyond the freedom to worship; it encompasses the freedom to live out one’s faith and openly express it. This fundamental right is under attack, and Lankford is determined to fight back.

The senator pointed to a recent case involving the University of Vermont Medical Center, where a nurse who objected to participating in an elective abortion was still scheduled for the procedure. Despite her deeply held beliefs, the Biden administration turned a blind eye, disregarding her conscience rights.

Lankford is deeply troubled by this disregard for religious freedom, and rightfully so. The Biden administration should be upholding the law and protecting the rights of individuals to practice their faith without fear of persecution or coercion.

Furthermore, Lankford warned that abortion is going to be a central issue in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. This is not merely a political matter but a cultural one. It forces us to confront the question of whether we truly value every child, or if we believe that some children are disposable. The sanctity of life is at stake, and Lankford is determined to be a strong voice for the voiceless.

As Republicans and conservatives, we must stand united in the defense of religious liberty. We cannot allow the Biden administration to trample on our rights and ignore the principles that our nation was founded upon. Sen. Lankford is leading the charge, and it is up to us to support him in this crucial fight.

Together, let us ensure that religious liberty remains a cornerstone of our society, and that our Constitution is upheld. The future of our faith and our freedom depends on it.”

Source Fox News