Equal Treatment Under the Law: Republicans Demand Accountability from Democrats

It’s no secret that Democrats have long had a double standard when it comes to handling classified information. Former President Barack Obama and his administration were caught mishandling classified information numerous times, yet faced little to no consequences for their actions. Now, it seems that former Vice President Joe Biden and his team are following in their footsteps.

Recently, it was revealed that Biden, along with former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence, have all misplaced classified documents. This raises serious concerns about how top-level officials in the U.S. handle our nation’s secrets.

Senator Josh Hawley, a Republican from Missouri, has called for greater scrutiny of not just these recent incidents, but also of former Presidents Obama and George W. Bush regarding their handling of classified information. Hawley’s office clarified that he was not suggesting a formal inquiry into Obama or Bush was necessary at this time, but it begs the question, why not?

It’s clear that Democrats have not been held to the same standard as Republicans when it comes to handling classified information. President Trump was the only executive official to have faced an FBI raid for mishandling classified documents, while Biden’s lawyers uncovered multiple stashes of classified documents in his Wilmington, Delaware home. Yet, the Department of Justice has not announced an investigation into Pence as of yet.

It’s time for equal treatment under the law. All officials, regardless of political affiliation, should be held accountable for their handling of classified information.

We deserve transparency and accountability from our leaders, and it’s time for Democrats to be held to the same standard as Republicans.