Famous CHILDREN’S Author Gets Canceled By Biden And You Can’t IMAGINE What Happens Next

President Biden’s recent quotation of Dr. Seuss in honor of Read Across America Day marks a departure from his previous efforts to remove the author from the event.

In 2019, a study by the Conscious Kid’s Library and the University of California found “strong racial undertones” in Dr. Seuss’s children’s books, leading some progressives to call for his cancellation.

But on Wednesday, Biden celebrated the importance of reading, quoting Dr. Seuss to emphasize the power of books to enrich our lives, stimulate our curiosity, and promote contemplation and reflection. “Reading transports kids to unique places where they can embrace unfamiliar ideas, develop their own intellect, and spark creativity in their lives,” Biden said.

While some may criticize Biden’s flip-flop on Dr. Seuss as a capitulation to cancel culture, others may see it as a sign of his willingness to listen and learn from diverse perspectives. Regardless of one’s opinion, however, we can all agree on the importance of intellectual freedom and the need to protect it from those who seek to silence voices they disagree with.

As we celebrate Read Across America Day, let us remember the power of reading to open doors of opportunity and build greater awareness about the complex world around us.

Let us encourage our children to explore diverse perspectives and cultures through the eyes of others, and let us stand firm against the cancel culture that seeks to erase history and silence dissenting voices. Together, we can ensure that our children have the freedom to explore the world of ideas and become the well-rounded, thoughtful, and engaged citizens our country needs.