Governor Sununu Just Crossed a Major Red Line with This Shocking Statement

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu recently appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and was asked about the possibility of a rematch between former President Donald Trump and President Biden in 2024. Sununu, who is speculated to be eyeing a presidential bid, stated that he thinks Trump would lose in a rematch against Biden.

This statement shows disrespect to the millions of Republicans who support President Trump and undervalues his impact on the nation and the conservative movement.

Sununu is out of touch with the Republican base who view Trump as a defender of their values. In the last election, Trump received a record number of votes for an incumbent president and remains a significant force in the Republican Party.

Sununu suggested that the midterm elections were evidence of Republican voters rejecting Trump and extreme candidates, but the elections were plagued by allegations of voter fraud and Trump and his supporters have been working to uncover the truth.

Sununu’s remarks indicate that his priority is his own political ambition rather than standing up for the Republican Party’s values and principles. He seems to be trying to appease the liberal media and political establishment, instead of the millions of Americans who believe in limited government, individual liberty, and a strong national defense.

Sununu’s attempts to distance himself from President Trump ignore the significant achievements made under his leadership, such as the successful handling of the economy, the appointment of conservative judges, and the strengthening of the military.

It’s time for Republicans to support a leader who will represent their values and interests. President Trump is the only declared Republican candidate for 2024 and continues to have a strong following among the Republican base.

Sununu’s comments on “This Week” aim to weaken the conservative movement and diminish President Trump’s legacy. Republicans should reject this type of political strategy and stand together in support of a candidate who will defend their principles and fight for their future.