GUESS Which Republican Governor Just RIPPED Disney

Disney has lost its special tax privileges in the state of Florida due to its political activism. The move was prompted by the company’s decision to oppose the “Parental Rights in Education” bill, which aimed to prevent sexually oriented concepts from being taught to young children in schools without parental consent.

However, Disney and its allies dubbed the bill the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, falsely portraying it as discriminatory against LGBT children.

Despite being warned by Governor Ron DeSantis not to get involved in politics, Disney continued to fight the bill under the guise of protecting LGBT children.

This led DeSantis to strip the company of its governance of the Reedy Creek area, which had effectively made it a self-governing entity within Florida for decades.

DeSantis signed the bill on Monday, officially stripping Disney of its special privileges and appointing a state board to oversee the area. The move ensures that taxpayers will not be responsible for the company’s estimated $700 million in debt once the district is dissolved.

DeSantis has made it clear that the bill was not about discrimination against LGBT children, but rather about protecting young children from inappropriate content.

He also believes that woke corporations should not meddle in politics, and that the old-guard corporate Republicanism is not enough to push back against the leftist agenda.

For Republican voters, this serves as a reminder that political activism by corporations can have consequences. It also shows that leaders like DeSantis are willing to stand up for traditional values and push back against the leftist agenda. In the end, the lesson is clear: corporations should stick to their core business and leave politics to the politicians.