Guess Who Just Dodged A Major Controversy, You’ll Be Shocked

In a victory for religious liberty, the St. Francis Catholic hospital system in Oklahoma recently won a battle against the Biden administration over the presence of eternal flames in their chapels.

The government had threatened to revoke their accreditation for Medicaid and Medicare if they did not remove the flames, which are a central part of their religious worship. However, St. Francis refused to back down and cited their First Amendment rights and religious beliefs. After threatening litigation, the government eventually backed off and allowed St. Francis to keep the flames burning in their chapels.

This victory serves as a reminder that our constitutional rights must be protected at all costs. The Biden administration’s attempt to force a religious institution to remove a crucial part of their worship is a blatant violation of religious freedom.

St. Francis’ victory shows that it is possible to stand up to government overreach and defend our beliefs.

Religious liberty is a fundamental aspect of American democracy, and we must continue to fight for our First Amendment rights.

This victory should serve as a warning to any government body that they cannot trample on the rights of religious institutions without facing consequences. We must continue to defend our constitutional rights and uphold the values that make our country great.

Source Fox News