Guess Who Just Joined The Chorus Against Biden’s Plans?

Greetings, fellow Republicans! Today, we delve into a crucial issue that affects every single American: the Biden administration’s relentless assault on our energy security. Just as you’d expect from a typical liberal playbook, the EPA’s crackdown on gas-fired plants is a recipe for disaster. Let’s break down the facts and unveil the truth that the mainstream media won’t tell you.

Our nation’s largest power grid operators, responsible for supplying power to a staggering 154 million Americans, are raising their voices in concern. PJM Interconnection, Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Electric Reliability Council of Texas, and Southwest Power Pool have jointly expressed their worries about the proposal’s detrimental impact on grid reliability. These nonpartisan entities cover vast territories across 30 states, totaling 2 million square miles.

As we all know, renewable resources are on the rise, but they can’t shoulder the burden of powering our nation alone. The grid needs the reliability provided by gas-fired plants. The joint operators have warned that with the continued closure of these critical facilities, the reliability attributes will dwindle, potentially leading to power shortages. The Biden administration’s unrealistic plan could leave us in the dark, both figuratively and literally.

Moreover, the operators stress the chilling effect on investments needed to maintain existing units. It’s clear that the administration is jeopardizing the stability of our power grid with their overzealous environmental regulations.

But it doesn’t stop there. Carbon capture technology, touted as the solution by the EPA, isn’t ready for prime time. The world’s only large-scale facility using this technology is located in Canada. If this technology doesn’t materialize as quickly as the EPA assumes, America could face a disastrous shortage of power supply. This isn’t just hypothetical; it’s a real threat to our way of life.

Let’s be clear: the EPA’s power plant regulations are part of a broader agenda that’s hurting hardworking Americans. They claim these regulations will reduce carbon pollution, but at what cost? The reality is, they’ll force coal plants to either shut down or employ expensive and unproven technology. This doesn’t just hurt the energy sector, but it drives up costs for all of us.

Fellow conservatives, the energy future that the Biden administration envisions is one of uncertainty, higher costs, and reliability challenges. We can’t let them dig us deeper into this hole. The EPA needs to listen to the concerns of those who know the energy industry best and put an end to this misguided plan. Our energy security and the prosperity of our nation are at stake. Stand with us in demanding a better, more responsible energy policy for America!

Source Fox News