Guess Who’s Getting the BLAME for the Latest Crisis, Hint: It’s Not Biden

In typical fashion, the Biden administration has once again resorted to blaming former President Trump for problems arising under their own watch. This time, the Silicon Valley Bank collapse is being attributed to Trump-era regulations, a claim that even economists like Larry Kudlow have dismissed.

Co-host of ‘Fox & Friends’, Brian Kilmeade, spoke out against the administration’s tendency to point fingers at Trump in times of crisis. He slammed the administration for blaming Trump for everything from train derailments to balloons floating over the country. Even when Russia invaded Ukraine during the Biden administration, they found a way to shift the blame onto Trump.

Kilmeade pointed out the irony of the administration’s behavior when facing a possible regional bank collapse that could threaten the economy. Rather than taking responsibility for the issue at hand, the administration resorted to blaming Trump for rolling back regulations.

Biden’s response to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank has been to reassure Americans that their banking system is safe and that the federal government would guarantee depositors access to their funds. However, the administration has fired the leadership at both banks and is not offering protection to the banks’ investors.

It’s time for the Biden administration to take ownership of the problems they face and stop blaming Trump for everything. This administration needs to start delivering on its promises and addressing the concerns of the American people. The blame game is getting old and is not a viable solution to the issues at hand.