Guess who’s hiding a family secret that could have severe consequences?

In a shocking revelation that exposes the Biden family’s disregard for their own flesh and blood, experts are warning that Hunter Biden’s daughter out of wedlock could be facing severe psychological harm as a result of her own family’s rejection. This disturbing story has once again brought the Biden family’s questionable morals and ethics into the spotlight.

It’s no secret that President Joe Biden has refused to acknowledge the existence of his seventh grandchild, consistently maintaining that he has six grandchildren, not seven. This deliberate denial of his own flesh and blood is a heartbreaking display of callousness. Reports even suggest that the president has gone as far as instructing his staffers to perpetuate this falsehood.

But the blame doesn’t rest solely on the president. Hunter Biden, the child’s father, has played an equally troubling role in this ordeal. He has not only refused to give his daughter his last name but has also taken legal action to lower his child support payments to the child’s mother, Lunden Roberts. Shockingly, Hunter has reportedly never even met his own daughter.

When confronted with the psychological and emotional impact of a child being rejected by their own family, experts raised serious concerns. Clinical psychologist Dr. Staci Weiner highlighted the potential for feelings of abandonment and grief, emphasizing how children often internalize these rejections, questioning their own worthiness. This can have a devastating impact on a child’s self-esteem and ability to form healthy relationships.

Dr. Roy Lubit, a former child psychiatry resident supervisor, explained that the mother’s handling of the situation plays a crucial role. If the mother is transparent and shields the child from the rejection, ensuring a stable and loving environment, the child’s psychological well-being can be preserved.

However, if the rejection is made public and the child is exposed to public scrutiny, it can lead to dysphoric emotions, damaged self-esteem, and a fear of future rejection.

It is deeply troubling to witness the Biden family’s lack of empathy and compassion in this matter. Their actions speak volumes about their character and priorities. The president’s refusal to publicly acknowledge his own grandchild, coupled with Hunter’s complete abandonment of his parental responsibilities, is a stark contrast to the values we hold dear as Americans.

As Republicans, we believe in the sanctity of family and the responsibility to protect and nurture our loved ones. The treatment of Hunter Biden’s daughter is a clear example of the moral bankruptcy that plagues the Biden family. We must hold our elected officials accountable for their actions and demand better from those who claim to lead us.

The psychological well-being of children should never be compromised for the sake of political convenience or personal ambition. It is our duty as Republicans to champion the values of love, compassion, and family, and to ensure that all children are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

In the face of this disturbing situation, let us remain steadfast in our commitment to upholding these values and strive for a brighter future where every child is cherished and protected.

Source Fox News