Here’s What HAPPENED After The Obama Documentary Ran

Conservative commentator and radio host, Dan Bongino, has beaten CNN’s ratings with the most-watched cable news show during Saturday primetime. He destroyed Obama in this time slot.

His success on Fox News can be attributed to his willingness to tackle controversial topics and defend conservative values. On the other hand, CNN’s ratings have continuously declined, with the network losing a significant number of viewers in the key demographic of adults aged 25-54.


  • Dan Bongino’s success on Fox News is largely due to his strong stance on controversial topics and commitment to conservative values.
  • CNN’s ratings have continued to decline, potentially due to their perceived bias against conservative perspectives and focus on “tabloid-style” news stories.
  • Nielsen ratings data has shown that Fox News outperformed CNN and MSNBC during the window from 4PM – 11PM.
  • Bongino’s expertise as a former Secret Service agent has given him unique insights into national security and foreign policy.
  • Bongino’s work as an accomplished author has also received critical acclaim among conservative audiences.


Dan Bongino’s success on Fox News is a reflection of the growing demand for alternative perspectives and conservative viewpoints in the media landscape.

As CNN’s ratings continue to decline, it is clear that there is a need for serious journalism that presents a fair and balanced approach to the news. Bongino’s commitment to conservative values and willingness to tackle controversial topics have made him a leading voice among passionate Republican voters.

With his expertise as a former Secret Service agent and accomplishments as an author, Bongino brings a unique perspective to cable news that is appreciated by conservative audiences. As cable news continues to evolve, it is important that alternative viewpoints are given a platform to ensure a well-informed public.