Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal UNRAVELS: What They’re Desperate to Keep Quiet

In a recent turn of events, Hunter Biden’s legal team has come forward with a startling revelation. They claim that federal prosecutors have backtracked on a plea deal that was mutually agreed upon in June. This plea deal pertained to a felony gun charge against the president’s son. While prosecutors had earlier moved to drop the plea deal in Delaware, they announced on Friday that Biden might be facing a criminal trial, given the breakdown of plea negotiations last month.

The president’s son was initially set to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax counts and enter into a pretrial diversion agreement concerning a separate felony firearm charge. Hunter Biden’s lawyers have stated that he had signed both agreements and was prepared to accept responsibility for his past mistakes. However, the deal on tax charges fell apart, but the agreement on the gun charge remains “”binding,”” according to the legal team.

The defense’s filing also highlighted that the prosecutors’ revelation during last month’s hearing about their ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden contradicted his understanding of the immunity he would receive under the deal. This recent development has raised eyebrows and left many wondering about the true intentions behind the prosecutors’ actions.

Source Fox News