Hunter’s 13-Country Tour with VP Biden – What They hide.

In a world where political transparency is often demanded but seldom delivered, a recent investigation by Fox News Digital has unearthed startling details about Hunter Biden’s international travels. The revelations are not just about the number of countries he visited, but also the company he kept – his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden.

The Scope of the Travels

Hunter Biden, while at the helm of his former company, Rosemont Seneca Partners, made his presence felt in no less than 13 countries. These weren’t just casual visits; they were trips made during the tenure of his father as the Vice President of the United States. The intertwining of official duties with personal business raises eyebrows and questions.

The Serbian Connection

In April 2010, a curious email surfaced. Hunter proposed a meeting with Serbian state officials. He hinted at the possibility of accompanying his father on an official journey to Belgium and Spain. The casual tone of the email, suggesting he could “catch a ride” with the Vice President, is both intriguing and concerning. While this particular Serbian meeting didn’t materialize, it sets a precedent about the nature of Hunter’s travels.

Business or Pleasure?

Hunter’s proximity to his father during these official trips has ignited a debate. Was it purely coincidental, or was there a deeper motive? His business dealings in various countries, juxtaposed with his father’s official duties, have sparked discussions about potential conflicts of interest.

For instance, during a trip to Belgium when his father was visiting in May 2010, Hunter requested Secret Service protection. Fast forward to August 2016, emails show Hunter informing Serbian diplomat Vuk Jeremic of his visit to Belgrade. He even extended an invitation to join the vice president’s motorcade. Such instances make one wonder about the intertwining of official and personal agendas.

The Influence of the Biden Brand

The Biden brand’s influence in these dealings is hard to ignore. Vuk Jeremic, who once held the esteemed position of the president of the United Nations General Assembly, had previously introduced Hunter’s firm, Rosemont Seneca, to potential partners in countries like Mexico and China.

In another instance, during a trip to Beijing, Hunter introduced his father to his Chinese business partner, Jonathan Li. The casual mingling of business with official duties, especially in diplomatic settings, raises concerns about the sanctity of the Vice President’s office.

More Countries, More Questions

Hunter’s international footprint was extensive. Apart from the aforementioned countries, he traveled with his father to Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines. In the Philippines, his role was not just as an observer; he served as the chairman of the World Food Program.

Testimonies and Revelations

Recent revelations by Devon Archer, Hunter’s former friend and business partner, have added fuel to the fire. Archer claimed that Joe Biden frequently communicated with his son’s business partners. He went on to disclose that Hunter involved then-Vice President Joe Biden in over 20 business discussions, often using a speakerphone to leverage the Biden brand.

Archer’s testimony paints a picture of the Biden brand’s influence. He mentioned that the inclusion of Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy firm, added significant value to the company. The brand’s influence was so profound that without it, Burisma might have faced bankruptcy.


The revelations about Hunter’s travels and business dealings, especially during his father’s tenure as Vice President, have opened a Pandora’s box. As more details emerge, the lines between official duties and personal business seem increasingly blurred. The American public, more than ever, seeks transparency, clarity, and accountability from its leaders. Only time will tell how this saga unfolds.

Source Trending Politics