Kamala Harris 2024 Bombshell!

As speculation arises about President Biden’s potential re-election bid in 2024, questions have emerged about whether Vice President Kamala Harris will remain his running mate.

The Vice President has been the subject of criticism from both sides of the aisle, and the New York Times recently published an article highlighting her lack of impact in the White House. However, the move to replace the Vice President would be highly unusual and unlikely, according to Democratic strategists.

In a CBS interview following the State of the Union, Harris confirmed that she intends to run with President Biden if he chooses to seek re-election. While some Democrats have suggested that an alternative running mate could improve the party’s chances in the next election, most believe that Harris will remain on the ticket.

The Vice President’s polling numbers have consistently been lower than President Biden’s, with only 39 percent of Americans approving of her job performance, according to a recent Fox News poll.

Harris has been criticized for her handling of the migration crisis at the southern border, which was specifically delegated to her by the Biden administration in 2021. However, some believe that the criticism is unwarranted and that Harris has been unfairly maligned.

While Biden’s advanced age means that his choice of running mate will be especially important in 2024, few believe that Harris will be replaced on the ticket.

Historically, only one president has chosen to switch out his vice presidential nominee, and that move was not successful. Harris is the first female and Black vice president in history, and many Democrats believe that her role in the administration is significant.

Democratic strategists and Fox News contributors Jessica Tarlov and Kevin Walling both believe that Harris will play a critical role in rallying key constituencies within the Democratic Party and independents ahead of 2024.

Jonathan Kott, another Democratic strategist and former aide to Senators Joe Manchin and Chris Coons, also defended the Vice President, stating that she has been a key player in the most successful first two years of any presidency in his lifetime.

While criticism of Harris may continue, it seems unlikely that she will be replaced on the ticket in 2024. The move would be unprecedented and could have significant political consequences. For now, the focus remains on President Biden’s potential re-election bid and the Vice President’s role in supporting his campaign.