Kamala Harris’ Speech Controversy, This One LEAVE You Scratching Your Head

As a conservative opinion writer, I cannot help but draw attention to the recent event where Vice President Kamala Harris attended the NCAA men’s basketball game featuring her alma mater, Howard University, against Kansas. Her presence was met with overwhelming boos, and her subsequent pep talk to the Bison players failed to connect with the public.

This incident highlights a larger issue: the growing disconnect between the Biden-Harris administration and the American people. As conservatives, we must emphasize the importance of leaders who can truly connect with the public and address their concerns, rather than simply offering empty words.

Howard University’s accomplishments, led by Coach Kenneth Blakeney, should have been celebrated. However, the vice president’s presence and unimpressive pep talk cast a shadow on the team’s achievements.

The Biden-Harris administration needs to prioritize rebuilding trust with the American people and focus on policies that truly address their needs, rather than continuing down a path that only leads to greater disapproval and disconnect.