McCarthy TOOK Down Biden And You’ll 100% Agree Why

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has called on President Joe Biden to adopt a stronger policy towards China. McCarthy urged unity in the House and stressed the importance of the President being where House Republicans and Democrats are on the issue.

He warned that China is in a different place than it was before and that they believe they are stronger now than they were before. McCarthy wants the House to speak directly to China and suggested that one of the first areas where Biden should show strength is on the issue of fentanyl.

He emphasized that it is personal and that the U.S. will do something about it if China fails to comply.

McCarthy spoke to Fox News Digital about the House China Select Committee’s mission to confront the CCP threat. The committee was created for the 118th Congress to focus on areas such as intelligence, agriculture, and the economy.

McCarthy believes China has tried to take dominance in these areas and that the committee’s mission is to confront the CCP threat. The committee was approved with overwhelming support from both sides.