MEDIA Outrage, You’ll Be Surprised To Know What’s Biden Hiding from the Public

The lack of transparency from the Biden administration has raised concerns among Republicans and Democrats alike. Many are questioning whether the president is trying to hide something, and some have even suggested that his handlers are calling the shots.

The issue came to a head during Biden’s recent trip to Ireland, where he declined to hold a formal news conference. This decision was met with frustration from the White House press corps, and it has only fueled speculation about what the president may be hiding.

Republicans have been quick to criticize Biden’s lack of transparency, with some suggesting that it’s a sign of weakness. “He doesn’t want to talk about his son.

He doesn’t want to talk about Ukraine. He doesn’t want to talk about inflation,” one voter told Fox News. “He doesn’t want to talk about what’s really hurting America.”

Democrats, too, have expressed concerns about the lack of transparency. Some worry that the administration’s reluctance to answer tough questions could damage the president’s credibility and make it harder for him to get things done.

Ultimately, the lack of transparency is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. The American people deserve to know what their president is doing and why, and the White House needs to be more forthcoming with information if it hopes to build trust and credibility with the public.